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Front - Back dev

Extensive experience designing beautiful front-ends with structured back-end functionality.


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Smart Contracts

We are blockchain experts with over a combined decade in solidity dev experience.

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Protec App

Crossplatform appInternet of ThingsRecoveryMassage

Protec Recovery is a groundbreaking app that brings professional athlete expertise to everyday sports enthusiasts. Developed with input from seasoned pros, it offers a comprehensive suite of recovery and training guidance tailored to individual needs. It features personalized recovery plans, expert tips, and users can track their progress, adapting routines as they evolve. Additionally, Protec Recovery fosters a vibrant community, encouraging users to share experiences and learn from one another. It's not just an app, but a personal coach and supportive network, ensuring that every user can train, recover, and excel like a professional athlete. Experience the transformative power of professional wisdom with Protec Recovery.



Web AppBlockchainFintechDeFi

aDrop.ai simplifies the process of earning airdrops with a user-friendly platform that makes participating in DeFi easy and secure for everyone. We do this by automating and aggregating the smart contract interaction process through a single front-end and make it fun with quests and goals. This saves users 99% of their time when trying to identify and hunt airdrops.


MyReality Token Swap

Web AppBlockchainDEXDeFi

MyReality is a metaverse builder who launched a token in 2021. We built a order book and decentralized token swap for them and their investors to easily swap the MRT token with other crypto tokens. This uses a smart contract to custody the assets and swap it with other tokens when the correct by or sell order is submitted.



Web AppBlockchainFintechReal Estate Investment

An application that leverages blockchain technology and KYC compliance to transform the real estate landscape in Dubai, offering a secure and transparent platform for tokenizing property deeds and facilitating fractionalized real estate transactions. Pre-approved owners can mint digital deeds, mint as many ownership shares as they want, build a customized offering and sell these shares to certified investors also on the platform. DigiDeeds will promote transparent trading, provide access to innovative financial products, including fractional ownership and collateralized loans, all backed by immutable property records and enhanced security measures.


Tender Render

WebsiteArchitechureDesign3D Animation

The Tender Render website serves as a digital showcase and point of contact for a business specializing in creating 3D architectural environments. The site likely features an engaging interface displaying various service packages like Intro, Standard, and AI Interactive, each tailored to different client needs. Visitors can expect to see portfolios of past projects, demonstrating the company's expertise in high-quality, detailed 3D modeling. The website probably includes client testimonials, a detailed overview of the team's process, and a contact section for inquiries or quotes. Additionally, there might be a blog or news section highlighting recent projects, technological advancements, and insights into the world of architectural visualization.


Endzone Expedition

Web appBlockchainMetaverseGaming

Endzone Expedition is a Sandbox based RPG game where people can journey around our Sandbox world and collect items that are represents on the blockchain and can be sold for value on an exchange. This game is built with mini games, quests, and fun unlockables for all types of players.


Epoch Bash

Web appGamingSportsBlockchain

Epoch Bash the worlds first football collectible card game (CCG). Recruit, strategize, and lead your team to victory. This game us uniquely built on the blockchain and we designed the entire game engine, balancing mechanics, artwork, and graphics.

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Our Team

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams
CEO/Product Manager

Strategic & Product Development Leader with 10 years of experience developing client facing applications.

Alex Stanton
Alex Stanton

A J&J and Accenture IT consulting background, Alex brings a wide range of perspectives and expertise.

Radu-Gabriel Bardeanu
Radu-Gabriel Bardeanu

15 years as full-stack developer with knowledge of Blockchain technology, AI, network admin and security.

Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen
Senior Front End Developer

Front-end Developer with expertise in web3 and blockchain technology.

Graeme Branham
Graeme Branham
Creative Director/Artist

Accomplished animator, blending AI technology with traditional artistry to craft a unique experiences.

Stacy Hart
Stacy Hart
UI/UX Designer

UX expert in app design with over 10 years of UI/UX design experience.

Rachid Garti
Rachid Garti
Digital Marketing Specialist

Experience with SEO optimization, revenue generation and user acquisition strategies and implementation.

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